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The Top 6 Best MLB Ballpark Additions

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 8:20 PM

Magic Johnson appeared on Conan this week and made quite a “splash” with Dodger fans. A partial owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Magic entertained Conan’s idea of having a Slip n’ Slide between third base and home plate in order to spice things up at Dodger Stadium. This got me to thinking of other ideas that will add even more excitement for fans at stadiums across the country:

The Top 6 Best MLB Ballparks Additions

1. Puppy Piles at Petco Park – Who doesn’t love puppies? Petco Park introduces “Puppy Pile” seating where fans get to watch the game from an area teeming with adorable puppies, climbing on you, slipping on the hardwood flooring and teething on your sneakers.

2. Roger Dorn Night at Progressive Field – Corbin Bernsen reprises his role of Roger Dorn and will reenact scenes from all three “Major League” films. Fans get a free pretzel if they can remember any line of dialogue from “Major League: Back to the Minors”. Two pretzels if you are Scott Bakula.

3. SCUBA Seating at Marlins Park – If you can hold your breath long enough, enjoy the best seats in the house and watch the game from the fish tank behind home plate. Snorkles will be provided for an additional $44.95.

4. Mile High Seating at Coors Field – The highest seat in sports! Fans attempt to climb up to seats located 1,000-feet high, and watch through their Rockies through the clouds. Having trouble gettin’ up there? A Sherpa can be provided for an additional $44.95.

5. McCovey Cove in Right Field at AT&T Park – Fans love Splash Hits! (When a home run goes into McCovey Cove). This year, in order to increase the amount of Splash Hits, San Francisco moves McCovey Cove in its entirety into right field. Hunter Pence goes on the 60-day DL for drowning, unfortunately.

6. The Fenway Park Time Machine – Go back in time to trip Enos Slaughter during his mad dash in 1946! Give Yaz a jet pack to catch Bucky Dent’s homer! Feed Mookie Wilson bad sushi the night before the ’86 World Series game 6 so he’s too sick to play! Tackle Aaron Boone!* (*Time machine not necessary.)

These are just a few ideas to enhance the fans’ experiences so that this summer can be full of memories and good times! More stadium additions to come! Comments

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