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Top Five MLB Promotional Items for 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 10:47 PM

When a new season schedule is revealed, my eyes can’t help but to be drawn to the dates with that special asterisk. Yes, the promotions asterisk. Hot dogs, home runs and team unity help contribute to a great experience at the ballpark but a good giveaway is the cherry on top. So mark your calendars! Here are my top five picks for the best MLB promotional items for this upcoming season.

5. Chicago Cubs – Texting Gloves (4/11 vs. San Francisco Giants)

Never sacrifice cold fingers for your phone ever again. The Cubs clearly understand that this is a serious problem for the tech-savvy generation. #StayWarm.

4. San Francisco Giants - World Champions Parade Snow Globe (4/9 vs. Colorado Rockies)

It’s snowing confetti! The reigning champs are giving away these special championship snow globes to let their fans recollect their victory, one shake at a time.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers – Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella Statue (4/15 vs. San Diego Padres)

The Dodgers are handing out statues of Jackie, Newt and Campy to commemorate Jackie Robinson Day. This three-in-one giveaway is presented by the film 42, which releases on April 12.

2. Oakland Athletics – ‘Coco Lean’ Bobblehead (6/29 vs. St. Louis Cardinals)

The ‘Bernie Lean’ became quite a sensation that it prompted this video of A’s Jerry Blevins and A.J. Griffin at the Fan Cave last season. This begs the question: When is the Harlem Shake bobblehead coming out?

1. Seattle Mariners – Beard Hat Night (4/26 vs. Los Angeles Angels)

To accompany the Mariners’ hilarious new commercials, the team jumped in on the fun with this giveaway to protect fans from the cold. I know you ladies are especially excited because, let’s be real - a scarf can only do so much. Comments

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