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The Price of Admission

Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:30 PM

What’s the “price” of admission for the Tampa Bay Rays' Opening Day game? Well, if you’re a little bit lucky, it’s free. Reigning Cy Young award winner and Rays ace David Price is in the process of giving away 100 free tickets to opening day in Tampa Bay where the Rays will take on the Baltimore Orioles. Price tweeted out yesterday that he has 100 “not for resale” tickets to Opening Day that he will be giving away to fans in the Tampa area through the weekend.

No one was quite sure of just how to get their hands on these bad boys with the only real criteria being one of his Twitter followers. But today Price's creativity was on full display as he created a scavenger hunt on Twitter for the first fans to receive the tickets.

This also isn’t the first time Price has done something like this, as he is a fan favorite in Tampa Bay and generally a well-liked guy around the league. I think stuff like this is awesome and baseball is fortunate to have players who are willing to give back to fans and promote themselves, the league and their teams through giveaways, interactions and social media. Price will get the ball for the Rays on Opening Day so it’s only fitting that he’s giving away tickets to one of his starts. Comments

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