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Reds Video Outtakes

Thursday, March 28, 2013 2:42 PM

Here’s a video of a bunch of Cincinnati Reds players flubbing up what they’re supposed to be saying or doing in front of a camera. It’s weird how things that are easy to say in front of friends or into a phone become impossible when there’s a big fat camera and an army of hot lights pointed straight at you. Also, you can’t stop thinking about how your mouth looks weird while it’s saying stuff.

Anyway, I really love the ‘tude on this Reds team. They’re loose, they’re having fun, they’re laughing at themselves and each other and they’re extremely endearing in this video.

So, for fun and because I think I might have psychic powers*, let’s take a look at what a few of them were thinking at certain parts of this video.**

*I definitely don’t have psychic powers

**They were definitely not thinking these things.

0:02 Frazier: Should I add “ the psychiatrist from Cheers but with a Z”, just so people get it? AH, CRAP, I FORGOT WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY NEXT!

0:19 Heisey: This is the first time I’ve tried this. It’s going pretty well WHUP! No, I got it...

0:29 Choo: I can’t believe Denise just walked in and saw me mess that up. I got such a big sitnkin’ crush on Denise and now it’s all RUINED! And now she’s laughing at me! really messed things up this time Shin...

0:42 Masset: Did an intern just bring in burgers? I...think...I...smell...burgers...why’s that guy wavingAH CRAP I’M SUPPOSED TO BE SAYING SOMETHING!


1:40 Chapman: Well I can, but I don’t want to...Fine I will...Americans are weird, man...

2:25 Baker: Ah man, now twitter’s gonna have a field day with “Dusty dropped the ball” GIFs. Good thing I don’t know or care about Twitter. AH CRAP THE BALL JUST ROLLED INTO A PUDDLE! Comments

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