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Make Opening Day a National Holiday

Saturday, March 30, 2013 1:44 PM

IT'S HERE! The one day us baseball fans have been impatiently waiting for since early November. It's Opening Day! In the great city of Cincinnati, which is also known as the unofficial birthplace of baseball, Opening Day is treated like an unofficial holiday. Now let me ask you something, why isn't Opening Day a national holiday? No, seriously. I've got some valid points for why it should be one.


What's a better way to teach the children of America about our national pastime than giving them a day off from school so parents can pass along a tradition? If you're anything like I was back in high school, you'll end up being "sick" around this time, anyway. That darn immune system.

Businesses Will Save $$$

Many baseball fanatics will use vacation and/or sick time in order to catch the first pitch of the season. If you make Opening Day a national holiday, businesses wouldn't lose productivity from employees sneaking glimpses of Gameday or MLB.TV in the office. Also, baseball fans wouldn't feel guilty for calling in "sick."

Revenue for Cities

Cities hosting Opening Day games would see an instant boost to revenue simply by scheduling Opening Day activities around the ballpark. Honestly, you could still have events in the cities that aren't hosting games, as fans would be happy to come out and support their team in any way they can.

I've stated my case as to why Opening Day should be a national holiday. Now if you'll excuse me while I e-mail our President. Since President Obama is a White Sox fan like myself, we should totally have this locked up for 2014, right? We can only hope. Comments

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