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Home Run Weather

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 1:16 PM

Have you ever gone to a ball game on a windy day and expected to see a lot of homers only to be disappointed? How about another game when the wind wasn't carrying much and you expected a pitcher's duel only to be wrong? Well, fear no more. The Home Run Weather app for your phone is here to ease your pain. Or so it says. I put the app to the test this past Saturday and Monday to see how accurate or non-accurate it was. Let's take a look at the results!

Saturday, April 6
Mariners/White Sox, Home Run Advisory: 3, 2 homers
Angels/Rangers, Home Run Advisory: 8, 7 homers
Royals/Phillies, Home Run Advisory: 3, 0 homers

Monday, April 8
Orioles/Red Sox, Home Run Advisory: 8, 2 homers
Brewers/Cubs, Home Run Advisory: 8, 1 homer

As you can see, at least in a small sample size, the app is right about 60% of the time. Of course the app states that it doesn't take EVERY factor considered into its advisory scale (which ranges from 0-10, 0 being the lowest chance for dingers, 10 being the highest), it just takes the weather in the park as a factor. Comments

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