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MLB Tattoo Collage

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 1:54 PM

I have a lot of dumb tattoos. I’m proud of them, though. There are some people out there with dumb tattoos who have no idea they’re dumb. One kind of tattoo that’s never dumb, though, is a baseball tattoo.

Getting a tattoo of your favorite baseball team to show your allegiance is the highest honor in my book. Especially when the team is fairly new and chances of their logo being changed are almost 100%.

Take a look at this collage of tattoos from each MLB club. Some are awesome. Some are not too awesome. Some might be fake (Griffey). Some should be fake (*cough, cough* Texas Rangers). All are with us ‘til death. (Or until they’re covered up or scraped off with a cheese grater.) Comments

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