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Vin Scully on Hashtags and Dog TV

Thursday, April 11, 2013 9:13 AM

Watch. Listen. Fall even more in love with Vin Scully.

The man is a living legend and has seen things most of us can only dream of. Yet in Wednesday’s broadcast of the Padres-Dodgers game, he posed a question to his audience: “What in the world is a hashtag?” Then it dawns on you. Vin Scully doesn’t know what a hashtag is. He’s of course talking about the hashtags that we all use on social media everyday. It’s hard to imagine that in this ultra-connected world of ours, someone as prolific and plugged in as Vin Scully has never heard of a hashtag, but he hasn’t.

He doesn’t get it. I don’t want him to get it. Vin Scully embodies what the old school is. He does it his way and he’s earned the right to do so. I love the fact that this confuses Vin. A little while ago, he was introduced to Twitter. You can just imagine him giving the “come on, you really think I’m going to use this?” look to the person who explained it to him. Vin is Vin, and I don’t ever want him to change. Oh, and he also has no clue why there would ever be a channel for dogs. Like I said: Watch. Listen. Fall even more in love. Comments

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