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Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer

Thursday, April 11, 2013 3:07 PM

Some dude caught a foul ball in his beer last night and then chugged the beer.

That’s the ultimate, #1, best foul ball catch you can make. Here are a few runners up to this guy’s beer-cup-catch-and-chug:

1. Catch it in your mouth and then kiss a girl you have a crush on.

2. Catch it in a pot of homemade beef stew and then serve it to your family for a nice Sunday dinner (has to be during “Sunday Night Baseball” game and MUST be done politely. No talking about politics or when Dad is planning on finally finishing the basement).

3. Catch it and give it to an adorable child (child MUST be adorable. No uggos).

4. Catch it in your underwear (make sure you’re not currently wearing the underwear. And they are clean. And wrapped in such a way that the ball won’t fly through the leg hole and hit your head. So, like, fashion some sort of underwear net. Or actually just don’t use your underwear to catch foul balls. Forget I said anything).

5. Catch it in the wallet in your back pocket and then buy a hot dog with it for your hungriest buddy.

6. Catch it in your baby bjorn RIGHT after handing your baby to your wife because the baby was getting fussy. (OR just like this guy, both work.)

7. Catch it during an intense conversation you’re having with a colleague about Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, in German, in which you are arguing that Kafka’s lack of explanation as to why Gregor transformed into an insect represents the absurdity and randomness of life in which nothing has meaning and your colleague believes the discord between Gregor’s mind and body after his metamorphosis (his body transformed yet his mind was completely unchanged) was Kafka explaining the power of physical limits over even the strongest intellect. And also you catch it without even looking up or anything.

8. Catch it after fake bobbling it for a while and pretending you were gonna drop it in someone’s nachos but then securing it easily and smiling mischievously.

9. Catch it while calling your parents and checking in for once. IF YOU DON’T MIND!

10. Catch it while driving away on your Harley Davidson. Never looking back. Comments

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