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Jackie Robinson Tribute

Sunday, April 14, 2013 3:51 PM

Danny Farris: If the term "adversity builds character" has any truth to it, Jackie Robinson had more character in his pinky finger than mostly everybody does in their whole body. He transcended baseball and truly left the world a better place.

Marcus Hall: Jackie Robinson was a courageous man who paved the way for MLB players of color. Not only that, he was an exceptional ball player.

Alex Justice: Jackie Robinson proves the impact that baseball will always have on America. 42 made history. 42 made futures.

Nick Mendillo: Jackie Robinson bravely pushed the boundaries of people's expectations of what humans are capable of. He caused a paradigm shift that improved America's game for the rest of its existence.

Travis Miller: Jackie Robinson's impact on the game of baseball is immeasurable. There is a reason only his number is universally retired and his legacy is celebrated every April.

Mina Park: Jackie played the game with a confident hope during a time when it was needed the most. His leadership and fearlessness inspires me to work with integrity and to love without borders.

Aaron Roberts: Being a Dodgers fan, I always felt I had more claim to Jackie Robinson than most. I've realized since that Jackie is transcendent. He's become a champion for us all and a pure representation of positive progress and the triumphant perseverance of human will.

April Whitzman: Jackie Robinson is an inspiration to me as more than just a great ball player and civil rights icon. His experience teaches us that social justice will triumph over intolerance and ignorance in all areas.

Ben Wietmarschen: America at its best is a place where tradition is not as important as bad things getting changed. Jackie Robinson represents a very bad thing in this country getting changed and the country taking a very important step forward. Comments

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