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Top 10 Most Popular Last Names in Baseball

Monday, April 22, 2013 12:02 PM

Recently, I released a Top 10 list of the most popular first names in the MLB, with Mike, Matt and Chris finding the top. Here are the 10 most popular last names in baseball in 2013:

10. Cabrera (6): From Melky to Miguel, there are six players with the last name Cabrera in the Majors.

9. Davis (6): Chris, Ike and Rajai prove why the players with the last name of Davis are good hitters.

8. Carpenter (6): St. Louis Cardinals Matt and Chris Carpenter are two of the six Carpenters in MLB.

7. Sanchez (7): Anibal, Freddy and Gabby are three of seven Sanchez’s found in MLB.

6. Wilson (7): Brian and C.J. are two of the seven players making the last name Wilson popular in baseball.

5. Martinez (7): Victor Martinez is not the only popular Martinez in baseball. There are six others joining him!

4. Ramirez (7): Hanley may be on the DL, but other Ramirez’s are still playing. Alexei and Aramis Ramirez are two of many finding playing time!

3. Gonzalez (9): If the last name Gonzalez sounds familiar – it should! There are nine Gonzalez’s, including Alex, Gio, Carlos and Adrian.

2. Johnson (9): Jim, John and Josh share the same first initial of their first name, and their last name too – there are nine Johnson’s in MLB!

1. Rodriguez (10): It shouldn’t be a surprise that Rodriguez is the most prominent name in MLB right now –Alex, Wandy and Sean all don the name well.

Are you surprised by the 10 most popular names in MLB? Comment below. Comments

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