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Jose Fernandez Sees Snow for First Time

Monday, April 22, 2013 8:17 PM

Has anyone seen Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez recently? Oh, wait - he’s outside building a snowman and making snow angels.

There are several key moments in your life that you’ll always remember like getting your first pet, learning how to drive and for the 20-year-old Cuban native pitcher it’ll be seeing snow for the first time.

The Marlins' game against the Minnesota Twins on Monday night has been postponed due to snow – something Fernandez had never witnessed having spent most of his professional baseball career in Florida (which isn’t the best location for a snow sighting).

Growing up in Texas, I can relate to this experience as I remember the first time I saw snow while traveling to New Mexico. My parents pulled the car over and I couldn’t contain my excitement as I grabbed fistfuls of snow. I then quickly returned to the car, as it was way too cold for my Texan body to handle.

So, Jose, enjoy this moment, let your inner kid loose and most importantly buy some gloves. Comments

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