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Who Has the Sweetest Swing in Baseball?

Monday, April 22, 2013 10:21 PM

While I was ranking the best “This is SportsCenter” commercials the other day, I found myself watching the Ken Griffey, Jr. one about 40 times on repeat, just adoring that swing.

Long gone are the days of gorgeous cuts of Griffey, John Olerud and Mike Piazza, but Major League Baseball still has plenty liaisons of the lumber:

5) Joe Mauer – A very fundamental swing, Mauer isn’t going to blow you away with his power numbers, but he IS the proud owner of three batting titles. No other catcher in MLB history can boast that.

4) Ryan Braun – I didn’t want to go all chalk with only five spots on the list, so here’s your token right-hander. The truth is that left-handed swings are just more aesthetically pleasing. Apologies to David Wright, Jose Bautista, Andrew McCutchen, Evan Longoria, Justin Upton et al. Hey now, don’t get dejected - your swings are still pretty!

3) Carlos Gonzalez – Love or hate the leg kick, the results speak for themselves. That sweeping swing terrorized my Mets for eight hits in 13 at-bats while we were in Denver last week. If CarGo and the Rockies can figure it out on the road, they’ll continue to make noise out in the N.L. West.

2) Prince Fielder – How can something so compact be so violent? Prince’s bat speed is something to be marveled alongside his tape-measure shots.

1) Robinson Cano – Throw this man a strike. See what happens. Spoiler alert: He will hit the baseball very far.

Who do you think has the sweetest swing in baseball? Comment below. Comments

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