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Joseph Dever Delivers Memorable First Pitch

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 3:51 PM

To everybody who is throwing a first pitch from here on out, I say this to you: No matter how cool or awesome your first pitch is, it will always be second best. Joseph Dever takes the cake for the best first pitch of the season and it’s not even a month into the season. Johnny Manziel? Denard Robinson? Sorry, bros. While yours were memorable (for the wrong reason), this is the best and most memorable by far.

Joseph starts out by talking to somebody, but he does it the correct way – you don’t want anybody reading your lips, rookie, get that glove up! He knows exactly what pitch he wants to throw here and the catcher isn’t on the same page. Shake it off. Gets what he wants. But wait, the crowd doesn’t understand the enormity of the situation, time to pump them up (I’m 300% positive he stepped off first; this is a professional we’re talking about). Get loud! Good. Back on the rubber. Time to deliver this cheddar for a strike. Bringing heat from the left side. Strike three! Crowd goes wild! Brad Lidge celebration from 2008! Phillies win! Phillies win! Dever gets crushed by his teammate! Phanatic dogpiles! Phillies win!

Absolutely incredible. Awesome story. Awesome kid. Best first pitch ever. Comments

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