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Baseball Mysteries

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 7:23 PM

Mystery 1 – The Time Traveling Man

Seated in this game between the Phillies and Astros, this man showed up out of nowhere, wearing a press pass and proceeded to talk to the fans next to him. Since it was a Phillies home game, fans were not interested in what a complete stranger had to say and immediately shunned him. After this photo was taken, the man realized no one cared he was there and vanished.

Mystery 2 – The Backwards Helmet

Larry Walker turned his helmet backwards. What followed was every player playing the game backwards. Hitters ran to third. Four balls equaled a strike out. And foul balls were in play. This change in play only lasted for one pitch. After that pitch, the game returned to normal and no one spoke of the events that occurred for years.

Mystery 3 – The Colgate Disappearance

The Colgate Smiling Handsomes were the premiere baseball club of the late 19th century. They won every game in their final season before completely vanishing from the face of the planet. Some theorize they’re the group of scientists who invented Colgate toothpaste, but no one can know for sure. Comments

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