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Reds Fans Enjoy Free Pizza

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 9:57 PM

Last season I went to a Reds game at Great American and joined about 30,000 (mostly) adult men and women chant “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” at the top of their lungs in the bottom of the ninth in a tie baseball game as Aroldis Chapman jogged to the mound. It was one of the most fun and funniest things I’ve ever been a part. It was like if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took over.

A Cincinnati pizzeria chain called LaRosa’s (good pizza, GREAT hoagies, by the way) gives out a free pizza to all fans with ticket stubs whenever the Reds throw 11 or more strikeouts in a home game. Reds pitchers have thrown a lot of strikeouts and the fans have gotten a lot of free pizza so far this season, to the tune of $100,000+ worth. That’s six games worth of free pizza. They got a seventh tonight.

Reds pitchers have cost Mr. and Mrs. LaRosa $100K! I can only imagine the fiscal mess Buddy LaRosa has dug himself into pizza-debt-wise.

In other news, the city of Cincinnati is suffering from the following:
Cheese Belly
Pepperoni Panic
Deep Dish Disease
Sausage Headaches
Flat Crust--itis
The Hawaiian Style Sickness
Cheesey Crust-itis
Anchovies Comments

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