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Blue Jays Leadoff Walk Records

Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:46 AM

As many of you may already know, I am very passionate, both for and against, the leadoff walk (LoW). And, of course, I am equally passionate about the Toronto Blue Jays. As such, I have decided to combine the two and look at who, among all Blue Jays, have worked the most LoWs.

Eddit Stanky holds the Major League record for the most leadoff walks in a single season. In fact, his 82 in 1945 and his 70 in 1946 are first and second, respectively, on the all time list. Here are the top 5 Blue Jays leadoff walk totals in a single season.
5. Carlos Delgado (2002): 24 LoWs
4. Shannon Stewart (1998): 24 LoWs.
3. Otis Nixon (1996): 27 LoWs
2. Carlos Delgado (2000): 28 LoWs.
1. Marco Scutaro (2009): 38 LoWs.

With more research, I also found that Rickey Henderson holds the all-time career number of leadoff walks with 796. 796! Can you imagine how vocal I would be watching Henderson’s career?! Here are the Jays’ five highest career leadoff walk totals:
5. John Olerud (1989-1996): 88 LoWs
4. Lloyd Moseby (1980-1989): 100 LoWs
3. Tony Fernandez (1983-2001): 111 LoWs
2. Shannon Stewart (1995-2008): 115 LoWs
1. Carlos Delgado (1994-2004): 171 LoWs

It will be interesting to see if any Blue Jays come close to these totals again. Do you think any of these totals can be matched? Comment below. Comments

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