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Red Sox Fan #MyFanCave Photos

Friday, April 26, 2013 12:19 PM

I have started a Twitter hashtag that promotes being proud of where you watch the Red Sox by promoting your own personal Fan Cave. Tweeting a picture of where you watch the games, along with the hashtag #MyFanCave, to @RedSox is all you need to do to represent the team you love oh so much.

Below are some of my personal favorites so far. I get to watch each game from the Official MLB Fan Cave, but I’m kinda jealous of some of the fans’ locations too. I’m glad to see the Sox fans honoring the sacred time that is a Sox game.

Pretty much the best seat in the Holy House of Fenway.

Watching the Sox outside on a beautiful Spring afternoon? Yes please.

Enjoy a delicious brew while the game’s on, why dontcha?

Owning a cat named Fenway means you never play a road game in your heart.

Don and Jerry bobbleheads?! WANT!!!

Even cats are watching and tweeting! You should too!

This campaign is ongoing, so please tweet your pics to @RedSox using the hashtag #MyFanCave – be proud of your home turf! See you soon. Comments

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