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A Guide to the Rogers Centre

Monday, April 29, 2013 8:27 PM

Getting Blanked's Drew Fairservice recently provided a guide to the Rogers Centre in a post on Big League Stew. While Drew makes some good points, I’d like to share my own personal experience.

I remember my first time visiting the Rogers Centre. I had flown from my home town in Eastern Canada to Toronto, a good 1,566 miles away, to experience my first Blue Jays’ Opening Day. For a fan from a rural town, I thought my first experience getting there would be a hectic one, but as the post calls out, the subway transit is incredibly convenient. And while the drive can be a bit congested at times, there are always places to park in the surrounding area, including directly underneath the ballpark!

During that trip, the first thing I did was walk around the ballpark. I was fortunate as it was half-raining and half-snowing that day, but because of the retractable roof, the game was still able to be played and in comfort! That’s one of the benefits of taking a road trip to the Rogers Centre, as no matter when you plan to come, you can be certain the game will be played!

I then grabbed some typical ballpark food: hot dog, cotton candy and peanuts. It also wouldn’t be the true Canadian ballpark experience without having some poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds)! As mentioned in the guide, you are able to bring your own food into the stadium, so make an addition to your scrumptious meal with a cup of Tim Hortons coffee.

I was surprised by this comment: “The influx of new/old fans has upped the quotient of ruffians […] with fighting, cursing, and of course, vomiting.” There has been negative news regarding Blue Jays fans this year and I understand that I haven’t been there in 2013 (even though I have season tickets again this year), but Blue Jays fans are great individuals and that reputation is being soiled by a few unfortunate instances.

Since my first game several years ago, I have seen hundreds of games at Rogers Centre; I have tasted delicious food, cheered alongside wonderful people and enjoyed the game of baseball. Much like any ballpark, as Big League Stew highlights in its other guides, there are a multitude of bad and good factors that arise with any stadium. If anyone wants a personal tour of Rogers Centre to experience the good, be sure to let me know!

What are your favorite elements of Rogers Centre or your home ballpark? Comment below. Comments

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