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Exclusive Baseball Clubs

Monday, April 29, 2013 8:36 PM

Jacoby Ellsbury recently became the third member of an exclusive club of players who accumulated 200 steals with the Red Sox ballclub. Baseball has many exclusive clubs that are worth taking some time to take a look at and admire.

Millions of people have lived since baseball began. Only a few thousand (probably north of 10 thousand but less than 100 thousand; I lost count), have played in Major League Baseball. Out of all those players, let’s check out these fun stat clubs.

- Only 27 players with more than 3,000 hits
- Only 25 players with more than 500 home runs
- Only 14 have more than 600 doubles; only eight have more than 200 triples
- 16 pitchers have more than 3,000 strikeouts
- 24 have 300+ wins
- Only six starting pitchers have 500+ complete games
- Only 13 pitchers have lasted long enough to pitch 5,000+ innings
- Only 18 hitters have been patient enough to walk more than 1,500 times
- Just 37 have stolen more than 500 bases – (Jacoby Ellsbury recently became only the third Red Sox to steal 200)
- Only 20 have driven in more than 1,800 runs

It’s essentially easier to become President of the United States of America than to have pitched more than 5,000 innings in the Majors. (44 to 13)

Looking deeper into these clubs, we find some more interesting sub facts.

1) Of the 25 men with more than 500 home runs, only three also have 100+ triples. One is Willie Mays (660 HRs, 140 3B). But the other two are men not known for being fast: Babe Ruth (714/136) and Jimmie Foxx (534/125).

2) Foxx is one of only three players to have more than 500 HRs and a career batting average over .315. He batted .325 for his career. The other two? Ted Williams, who batted .344, and Babe Ruth, who hit .342.

3) If you took away ALL of Hank Aaron’s 755 HRs, he would STILL have more than 3,000 career hits. He is third all-time with 3,771 hits.

4) Of the 16 pitchers with 3,000+ strikeouts, Walter Johnson has the most wins (417) and lowest career ERA (2.17).

5) In just 14 seasons, Mickey Welch started 549 games and completed 525 of them. That means 95% of the time, if he started the game, the bullpen had the day off.

What are some of your favorite stats? Comments

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