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A's Fans Host Josh Hamilton Appreciation Night

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 3:37 PM

So last night some Oakland fans had a “Josh Hamilton Appreciation Night,” and I’m not even mad about it. It’s pretty clever (that might be my first and probably last compliment I give to the A’s fans ever). The fans wanted to thank Josh for his error last year that changed the momentum of the one-game-playoff that led to Oakland winning the AL West. Before the game, they threw him some Butterfingers, which he deposited into his back pocket. He was an incredibly good sport about it. He even had a few laughs. A few Snickers. This makes me happy. It makes me a Jolly Rancher. Texas fans were absolutely disgusted with that play and it’s good to see him respond so well to something like this. Skor one for the good guys.

Besides, out of the Three Musketeers, he definitely had the best game, defensively. On one play, he pretty much stretched out as far as the Milky Way to make a diving catch. Pretty much landed on Mars. And I’m not an Airheads, I know he didn’t have a good game at the plate, but the A’s had some good pitchers on the Mounds. Having Brett Anderson come out of the pen has to be rough. He was scheduled to start, but instead made a relief appearance. When I saw him enter the game I was a little Sour Patch Kid. Just not happy. While I’m still bitter about the loss, it was pretty cool to say I’ve seen the longest game in Angels history. You can bet 100 Grand that I’ll be telling my kids about that. Comments

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