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The Great Wave Debate

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 8:14 PM

There is a debate brewing in D.C., and it has nothing to do with politics. Instead, a pro-wave/anti-wave conflict has surfaced with Nationals fans and players alike. This afternoon, Bryce Harper made the wave debate a national story by tweeting his stance:

To the north of the nation's capital, the Cave Dwellers decided to chime in. Here's where they stand.

Danny Farris: First things first, I'm definitely not going to start or even participate in the wave, but I'm not going to get in a fight over it. Players feed off the energy of the crowd and if the Wave gets the fans pumped, why tell them to stop?

Marcus Hall: I'm not a fan. I may love silly things at a baseball game like racing pizza slices on a jumbotron but the wave is far too silly. If you love it, sorry. Don't obstruct my view at a game with the wave.

Alexandria Justice: The wave: can't live with it, can't live without it. Or wait...actually you can totally live without it. Yeah, let's live without it. Glad we had this talk.

Nick Mendillo: I'm pretty sure the baseball experience is supposed to be fun, so if you wanna have fun, go for it. Just don't do it in the late innings of a close game

Travis Miller: Fans are paying their hard-earned dollar to attend a baseball game - what they do to stay entertained is their business, be it cheer, boo or do the wave. That said, don't try dragging me into your mindless distraction while I'm paying attention to the action on the field

Mina Park: If you can get people stuffed with hot dogs and peanuts up and out of their seats voluntarily, more power to you

Aaron Roberts: There are some things in this world that are so beautiful, you stand up and cheer as you witness them. Baseball is one of those things and the totes my fave.

April Whitzman: Personally, I feel the wave can be good depending on the situation, as there are times when promoting an offensive rally is a great time for excitement engulfing the stadium. That said, not all fans should feel obliged to participate, but I think that those who enjoy the wave should have the privilege to stand up and raise those arms and cheer.

Ben Wietmarschen: The Wave is like being the first person to start dancing at a wedding reception, if you wanna do it then fine go ahead but don't for one second try to guilt me into joining you. Don't pawn your insecurities and embarrassment off on me!!!

Where do you stand? Comment below. Comments

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