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Star Wars Day MLB Photoshops

Saturday, May 4, 2013 10:51 AM

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! While some believe that baseball and Star Wars is an implausible combination, they actually have more in common than one realizes. In fact, baseball teams have been successfully celebrating the movie series with custom jerseys, themed giveaways and more. But the combination and similarities between Star Wars and baseball is much more than the promotions.

In a young Jedi's journey to becoming a master, he is said to be a Padawan and is assigned a mentor whose job it is to see the young Padawan molded into the best Jedi knight he can be. Similar relationships are essential to the development of All-Star baseball players. In the Minors, a player is assigned coaches and veteran players in order to mold them into great baseball players. Like a Padawan's Master, it is also a minor leaguer's mentor's job to ensure the young player does not deviate from his chosen path of baseball righteousness.

In Star Wars, a Jedi has the power to use and manipulate the Force to their advantage, thus allowing them to triumph over evil. Much like how Luke allows the force to guide his aim to destroy the Death Star, pitchers can use the Force to aim their pitches true. Thus, pitchers learn to trust their stuff as if it were the Force to find a win against their own Dark Lords of the Evil Empire.

The lightsaber is the traditional weapon of the Jedi, and, in the hands of an expert in the ways of the Force, it is a weapon greatly respected and feared. Likewise, a bat in the hands of an elite batter makes him a formidable opponent, deserving similar respect and fear. As with both weapons, a great practitioner can seemingly deflect blaster bolts and fastballs at will.

Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey loves Star Wars so much that he warms up to the Imperial March, named his dog Luke Skywalker and owns a Darth Vader suit. Having these credentials, R.A. understands why fans appreciate the combination of Star Wars and baseball: "It does seem to be a juxtaposition in one sense, but in another it’s a completely relatable narrative," he said. "It just really connects with people on a very human level.”

What other comparisons between Star Wars and baseball are there? Comment below. Comments

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