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Texas Rangers Ballpark Food

Sunday, May 5, 2013 10:25 AM

“I’m still hungry,” said no one at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Everything is bigger in Texas, but the food in Arlington is something else. At the start of the 2013 season, the ballpark introduced a new concession stand called the Texas Sized 24 located behind home plate that only serves food that is either 24 inches or 24 ounces.

Here are some of the oversized food items you should get to know. Most of the Cave Dwellers want to try the Boomstick - what’s your favorite?


Named after Nelson Cruz, this 24-inch hot dog is topped with chili, cheese, grilled onions and jalepenos.

Totally Rossome Boomstick

It’s a Boomstick with Rossome Nachos on top! The Rossome Nachos, named after pitcher Robbie Ross, include smoked brisket, pico and sour cream.

The Beltre Buster

Named after Adrian Beltre, this burger features a pound of beef and eight ounces of bacon served on a pretzel bun.


Named after outfielder David Murphy, this 24-inch quesadilla is topped with brisket, pico and other ingredients served on a bed of nacho cheese Doritos. Comments

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