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Hilarious Kiss Cam Break-Up

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 12:00 PM

Ah, the kiss cam.

A staple at many ballparks across the country, the premise is simple. When you and your sweetheart’s mugs are plastered on the big screen, you appease the masses with a big, wet smooch. AWWW!

Easy, right? Not so much in this viral video, which I’m not buying into.

Three separate times you see a couple fail to complete the kiss because this guy is too busy talking on his cell phone.

The crowd reacts negatively, of course, and upon the couple’s third chance to seal the deal, our poor victim sticks up for herself and drenches the dude with…oh, it’s WATER.

First off, in the name of comedy, the guy should have taken a beer or fountain drink. Water is served in bottles at ballparks. Not buyin’ it.

Second, any good writer understands storylines. The fact that they were the first couple featured is a predictable introduction. Then you go back to them TWO MORE times? Not buyin’ it.

That brings us to the worst offense, the antagonist’s acting. Work on those facial expressions, bro.

Not. Buyin’. It.

How about you? Are you buying into this kiss cam breakup? Leave a comment below or tweet @MLBFanCave using #MLBFC. Comments

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