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Francisco Liriano At-Bat Gif

Sunday, May 12, 2013 2:53 PM

Francisco Liriano only allowed one earned run and struck out nine in his debut with the Pirates yesterday. But despite his remarkable performance on the mound, it was his unique at-bat from a minor league rehab stint a few weeks ago that has people talking. Having played in the American League for his entire Major League career, the Dominican Republic native has only had 29 professional at-bats, and so to say Liriano looked offbeat at the plate when he was given a plate appearance for the Indianapolis Indians, the Pirates’ Triple-A affiliate, would be an understatement.

After a feeble hit, the first baseman immediately threw the ball home, though the runner was safe. It is at this point that Liriano realizes the ball wasn’t caught and starts to run to first. While in most cases, Liriano would have been out, the catcher’s toss is thrown so lightly it doesn’t effectively reach the first baseman and somehow Liriano makes it to first.

A unique moment in baseball you cannot help but smile at. Do you have a favorite unique at-bat? Comment below. Comments

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