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Nick Offerman is Making Bats Now

Sunday, May 12, 2013 6:51 PM

In a tireless quest to become the coolest guy ever, notorious Cubs fan, comedian and woodshop-man Nick Offerman has turned his focus to making baseball bats. They’re pretty cool looking, right? He made his first one out of ash, which is a type of wood apparently.

Making bats is a very cool thing to do in a woodshop, probably the coolest. One way to figure out if it’s the coolest is to check the official “List of Coolest Things to Make in a Woodshop”. Here it is:

10. Table
9. Chair
8. Cutting Board
7. Cool shaped stick
6. Jewelry box
5. Clock
4. Fake tree
3. An uncomfortable shirt
2. Chest of Drawers
1. Baseball Bat

So, there you have it. Nick Offerman is officially making the coolest thing you possibly can in a woodshop. Now I understand why all the ladies out there love him so much. Comments

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