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Baseball Moments on The Office

Thursday, May 16, 2013 4:50 PM

Today is a monumental day. We will have to say goodbye to The Office, as tonight is the long-awaited series finale. For the last nine years, we have embraced the saying “That’s what she said,” associated beets with Dwight Shrute and can hum the theme song without hesitation. Even though the show revolves around an office environment, it addresses all aspects of life, including sports, which makes it so relatable and hilarious. So as we prepare to say goodbye to the characters we’ve known for a decade, here are some of the best baseball moments from the show.

Dwight’s Bobbleheads

Everyone remembers when Dwight got his own bobblehead in season two, but he also displays two former Phillies bobbleheads, Mike Lieberthal and John Kruk, in other episodes.

High School Baseball Game

Andy accompanies Michael to a high school baseball game to confront his girlfriend’s husband, who is the coach.

Awkward Baseball Conversations

Jim loves the Phillies and tries to find a connection with his new desk mate.

Ryan Howard Guest Appearance

Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard is a big fan of the show and made a guest star appearance playing himself, pitching a screenplay called “The Big Piece.”

We're going to miss The Office. And so will Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Comments

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