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Mariano Rivera Broken Bat Gif

Friday, May 17, 2013 8:28 AM

There are gifs of pitches, at-bats, catches and essentially any baseball-related play that one could think of. I’m really not kidding. Some people out there on the interwebs are incredibly talented. One of my favorite gif creators is FanGraphs Drew Sheppard. And sure enough, in his latest creation he doesn’t disappoint as he creates a gif of Mariano Rivera breaking five bats at once. What looks very interesting about these pitches, is that they all look like fastballs, and not his signature cutter. Throwing a pitch that breaks one bat is impressive, but seeing this pitch break five bats is just incredible. Of course, Rivera will surely be remembered as a legend. This gif, however, can only add to that mystique. Well done! Comments

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