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Johnny Manziel Throws out First Pitch at Padres Game

Friday, May 17, 2013 8:46 AM

Is there anybody that keeps dominating life as much as Johnny Manziel? The kid is unbelievable. Just about a month ago he threw out the first pitch in the Angels-Rangers game and it was atrocious. Just really bad. But when you’re Johnny Manziel, that doesn’t happen. You have to improve. You have to get better. And that’s just what he did. I mean check out this first pitch:

Just unreal. Fumbles the snap, gets out of the pocket and delivers a strike. To be honest, this is the same exact thing that he did in his game against Alabama, but he might have had more pressure here. All eyes on Manziel and he doesn’t disappoint.

P.S. He also hit a home run in batting practice. Just throwing it out there. Comments

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