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Hilarious Andrus-Beltre Gifs

Sunday, May 26, 2013 4:42 PM

In this week of Adrian Beltre gifs, we are in for a special treat courtesy of Elvis Andrus. During the middle of a pitching change during Saturday night's game, Andrus taps the top of Beltre's head and immediately runs away. Beltre does the only thing he can do to retaliate by taking off his glove and chucking it at him. But it doesn't end there. Andrus gets back at him on the next play by purposely getting in Beltre's way on a routine pop-up.

These guys are the best. I love their big brother-little brother relationship they have on the field. It's not only entertaining for the fans but it's nice to see they know how to have fun.

Gifs via the brilliant @DShep25 Comments

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