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Mr. Go 3D Official Trailer

Friday, June 7, 2013 4:25 PM

Ok, listen. I know you've already seen "Ed". You own it on VHS and DVD and watch it with your friends every Friday night and eat pizza and drink soda pop until you burst. And I know what you're gonna say when you see that Mr. Go 3D is just ANOTHER primate-playing-baseball movie, and Joey from Friends isn't even in it!? You're gonna say, "No, thanks!" I also know that you'll be making a BIG mistake.

Apparently there's a super weird movie coming out in Korea about a gorilla playing baseball. The trailer is above and has no English in it so that's one reason I don't really know what's going on, but there are also a few more things that make me very confused.

-This baby girl was just given to the gorilla. That's the first thing that happens in the trailer with no explanation as to why or where the baby came from.

-I'm assuming this girl grows up with the gorilla and forms an unlikely and super strong kinship with the animal. I get that. But also: the girl ALWAYS HAS A WHIP WITH HER. How close could this girl be to the gorilla if she's constantly whipping him. She even has a whip with her when the gorilla is smashing home runs and the crowd is cheering for him. If this gorilla needs to be whipped to keep him in line, um, how about we not let him loose on a baseball field.

-From what I can tell, the gorilla is moved from its home to a different place and they put a jersey on him and a baseball hat and have a press conference even though the gorilla has yet to show ANY baseball prowess. Are they just assuming he can play because they've seen "Ed" starring Matt LeBlanc available on VHS and DVD today?

-Oh, yeah, and the gorilla is immediately taken to the roof of a huge baseball stadium. Dangerous much?

-The team's mascot is the 'Bears'. Which is great. That doesn't confuse me at all; it was a great funny choice by the filmmakers. It's probably the funniest thing in this trailer overall.

-The tone shift at :50 into the video is so tremendous and jarring. From then on the movie turns into gorilla crushing baseball highlights and chasing. A lot of chasing. Helicopters chasing the gorilla. The Gorilla running on the roof a lot and almost falling. Regular people running and jumping from railing to railing at the stadium. Just a lot of chasing.

-At :59, the umpire says "Play Ball!" in English. The only English in the whole trailer.

In theaters this July. Comments

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