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MLB Players Who Look Most Like Dads

Sunday, June 16, 2013 10:25 AM

Father's Day is great because nothing beats a good dad (except a good mom. Good moms beat dads every time). Dads are also very easy to make fun of because, for some reason, being a responsible dad involves essentially giving up a lot of the most exciting things that we value as young men. And because of that, the stereotyped "Dad look" is something you don't encounter much in professional sports full of young man-boys. But when you see it, it stands out and, oh, boy, it's really funny. Here's a list of Major Leaguers that have a certain Dad look about them.*

*I have no idea if these men have children, I'm basing the list purely on looks and overall demeanor. Here we go:

-Lance Berkman

Dad who's been building a deck for the last few summers.

-Albert Pujols

Dad where the most scared you could ever be is when your mom says "just wait till your dad gets home."

-Mariano Rivera

Dad who is good with kids friends and gets along with all the neighbors real well, chatting over the hedges, bringing in the trash cans when they blow into the street, etc.

-All Knuckleball Pitchers

Dads that really love game nights and think they can force everyone to have fun, like when kids don't wanna play Monopoly or whatever they yell "Now sit down and HAVE FUN! You're making your mother angry!"

-Jason Giambi

See: Berkman, Lance

-David Ortiz

Dad who gives the best Dad hugs. Bonus: if you were his kid you'd be one of those chubby-athletic kids that are good at all the sports but still slow, somehow.

-Nick Swisher

Dad who tries to be cool and hang out with your friends. Especially when they're teenagers.

-Torii Hunter

Would be all-time QB in backyard football all the time and would be awesome at it. Comments

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