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Reddick and Balfour Steal Cart

Sunday, June 16, 2013 6:18 PM

Grant Balfour and Josh Reddick got a little bored during batting practice and decided to have a little fun. And by “have a little fun” I mean that they stole the mascot’s golf cart and paraded around the field. I dislike the A’s. I really do. It’s in my blood.

But it’s videos like this that make it so hard to not like them. It’s like you have to be kooky and funny to play for the A’s. It’s like Billy Beane’s new brainchild.* Batting practice can get so boring if you’re just shagging in the outfield. Especially if they’re working on bunts or hit and runs. How are you supposed to rob a homerun or make a sweet diving catch when that happens? You can’t. You have to make your own fun. So that’s what Reddick and Balfour did and you have to respect that.

*If I was really corny, I’d call Billy Beane’s new brainchild “Funnyball,” but I’m not corny, so I won’t call it that. Comments

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