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Top Five Tweets from Vin Scully Takeover

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 9:27 PM

So Vin Scully opted not to travel to the Bronx with the Boys in Blue for their series with the Yankees. Instead, he did something even more remarkable. He took over the Dodgers' Twitter account and tweet-called the game while answering fan questions in the process. You read that right. The legendary Vin Scully achieved a new level of greatness by interacting with fans while simultaneously commenting on the Dodgers game. There were far too many Vin Scully gems on Twitter to pick the best, so instead I chose my five favorites.


-This is amazing because it gives Dodgers fans hope for this season. If the great Vin Scully, who has seen it all, still thinks that the Dodgers can make a run at the Postseason, then we should all believe as well.


-Yasiel Puig is such a phenomenal athlete that he even leaves the mighty Vin Scully speechless. This is evidence.


-Vin is known for is epic stories and this is just one more in a giant storybook that he could write. Only Vin Scully can drop something like this and it be completely ordinary.


-Baseball is the greatest sport on earth, and the fact that Vin chose Baseball over other sports just confirms that.


-This. So much of this. I read it in his voice and it was everything I ever hoped it would be.


This shows the amazing humbleness of a man who has every right not to be humble.

Long live Vin Scully, and I so much look forward to the next time he hops on the Tweeter. Comments

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