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Chris Getz Uses RBI Baseball Theme as Walk-Up Music

Thursday, June 20, 2013 10:09 AM

I’ve said before that Jayson Werth had the best walk-up song in the game with the Game Of Thrones theme song, but Chris Getz’ certainly deserves a shot at the title. The GOT theme song is great because when I hear it I get excited. I think, “heck yes, I’m about to watch an awesome show. Tension will probably be high. I hate King Joffrey.” Things like that. When I hear the RBI Baseball theme song, it takes me back. I think, “I’m about to embarrass Marc (or whoever I’m playing, really) in this. I’m so much better than him at this. Try to bring that Gooden curve in this house and it’ll leave the park.” It works for me big time. I get in the mindset to do one thing and one thing only: crush baseballs and dominate my opponent. That’s what mindset I get into and that’s what mindset Chris Getz is getting into here. Make no doubt about it, it’s one of the best walk-ups in the game right now. Comments

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