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Steve Delabar on Intentional Talk

Thursday, July 11, 2013 9:34 AM

Blue Jays fans have been campaigning hard for All-Star Game Final Vote candidate RHP Steve Delabar and his hashtag, #RaiseTheBar. As a result of these efforts, Delabar now leads the AL in votes. He even got a supportive tweet from Canada’s Prime Minster.

Delabar joined Intentional Talk on Wednesday to discuss his campaign and incredible rise to the Majors. He talked about the metal plate in his arm and how he was supply teaching, making $75 a day, before getting another break in baseball.

As the interview was ending, Delabar invited his “campaign manager” - Munenori Kawasaki - to join him. In true Kawasaki fashion, he melted the hearts of the hosts and the fans before ending the interview telling people to Raise the Bar and Vote Delabar in Japanese. No matter which language it is said it rings true for Blue Jays fans: vote for Steve Delabar!

Check out the interview below: Comments

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