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Dane De La Rosa Rescues Injured Bird

Friday, July 26, 2013 10:38 AM

Ho hum. Nothing to see here, folks. Just Dane De La Rosa saving a bird's life. During a baseball game. Not a big deal. Yes, he walked the entire length of the field with it. Happens all the time. Go about your business.

Seriously, this is the funniest/greatest thing I’ve ever seen. DDLR just walks over, picks up a bird and carries it around the stadium. His teammates are just dumbfounded. I would be too. I bet that DDLR said that he was going to go pick up the bird and his teammates just did not believe him. Cowgill had the greatest reaction ever. Obviously he didn’t see him pick it up, just saw him walk into the dugout with a live bird. Unreal.

And more impressive than all that, he ended up saving the bird. Named him Randy, even. Like I said, nothing to see here, folks. Just a Big League pitcher saving birds. I guess it’s like the old saying goes: “save a bird in the third, pitch a perfect eighth” or something like that. Comments

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