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Captains to Host Sharknado Night

Friday, July 26, 2013 1:17 PM

Sharknado has literally taken social media by storm over the past few weeks. The Sci-Fi movie was trending on Twitter before the movie even started. Instant cult classic. Glen Perkins and Brian Duensing came by the Fan Cave and did a little Vine about it.

But the Lake County Captains are taking it to the next level by having a full on Sharknado night. From the press release:

(Eastlake, OH) - The Lake County Captains, class A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, are offering Classic Park as a location to take refuge from a SHARKNADO that has been forecasted on Thursday, August 15 during the club's game against the South Bend Silver Hawks.

With the recent SHARKNADO in Los Angeles and another one forecasted to strike New York in 2014, the Captains fired up Classic Park Dual-Doppler Skipper 2010+ to determine if Northeast Ohio was in any danger. After seeing the results, and upon consultation with all of the leading weather experts and marine biologists, the Captains determined that the SHARKNADO will hit Eastlake on August 15 and that sharks will be scooped up out of the waters of Lake Erie and will be falling on fans from the roof top at Classic Park.

I just looked at a map of where the Lake County Captains play, and I really shouldn't be concerned, but they're a little too close to water for comfort. I know Sharknado isn't real. I know that. But the concern is still there. There will be sharks swirling around during the game, but to ease my concern, they're handing out temporary tattoos made with shark repellant and shark gummy treats. I'm looking forward to see how the night turns out and if everybody survives the night without any sharknado-related injuries. Comments

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