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MLBlogs Celebrates Five Years of Latest Leaders

Saturday, August 3, 2013 3:23 PM

Much like social media, blogs are an essential centerpiece to the conversation of Major League Baseball. writer and Blogs "Community Skipper" Mark Newman has been ranking's "Latest Leaders" for five years now, and has seen the growth and impact first-hand.

"Social [media] only made blogging bigger," Newman said. "Today's Blogs are social hubs reflected by increasing traffic from tweets, Facebook posts and more.

New widgets and functionality is constant. You can embed videos and now they reach a wider crowd. There's just more room. It never stops advancing."

Newman said PRO blogs have been used by clubs for a myriad of purposes, from players and managers to groundskeepers and broadcasters. Even players' wives get in on the action.

All this growth in just five years, there's no telling where it will be in another five.

Visit Blogs Central for more information. You can follow Newman on Twitter @marathoner Comments

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