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Pirates Fans Provide GIF Entertainment

Monday, August 5, 2013 9:50 PM

Couple of quality GIFs here vying for the title of “Best GIF From A Weekend in Pittsburgh.” The first is the two bros heckling Charlie Culberson immediately after a strikeout. Most elated people in the section by a mile. The only thing that would have topped it off if they added the person with the yellow foam finger in the top right to their group to create a three-man wolfpack.

The second GIF is of a little kid who is undoubtedly going to be a superstar. He doesn’t want souvenirs. He doesn’t want to be given any baseballs. Just wants to throw them. My kinda guy right there.

Overall, a Grade-A GIF type of weekend in Pittsburgh, but which one is your favorite? Comment below! Comments

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