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Broxton Gives Bailey Saddle Present for No-Hitters

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:01 PM

Before Monday's game against the Cubs, Reds reliever Jonathan Broxton gave starter Homer Bailey a special gift in honor of his two no-hitters: a saddle. Like, a saddle for horses. The saddle is from some special ranch in Bailey’s native Texas. And it’s 100% leather, baby!

Bailey rides horses in his free time and keeps a few ponies near Cincy. With this saddle, which has the dates of his two no-no’s embossed on the side, Bailey has three saddles in total. Which begs the question: what if he stacked all three on top of each other and rode on top of that? It would be very funny looking but probably tough to keep balance. Still, worth a try. Comments

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