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"You Make The Call" Contest

Team Mascot

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1: Must be able to moonwalk while wearing giant, size 29 foam feet;
2: Must have exceptional marksmanship skills and the ability to fire a t-shirt cannon and reach the suite levelÂ…consistently;
3: Must be able to effectively communicate using only body gestures and an occasional grunt;
4: Must be able to perform any or all of the above while being pursued by dozens of children who merely wish to express their true love and passion for you;

For the last 50 seasons, the Houston Astros have entertained fans with an exciting brand of baseball. In 2013, the club will embark on the next chapter of the club's history when the Astros will join the American League. The new league will lead to new opportunities for the entire clubÂ…including our mascot! The Astros are NOW searching for the prefect person to fill the sizeable shoes of our mascot!

In a statement released by team management, this role was identified as one of the more critical acquisitions for 2013. "We've spent a lot of time and resources analyzing this role. The mascot's LIPS (late inning pressure situations) and WAR (wins against replacement) results will be the two most important elements of our selection process. We are looking for someone with high VORP (value over replacement player), energy, enthusiasm, talent, and dedication to truly give life to our mascot - both figuratively and literally."

Our goals for this role?

The individual selected will be responsible for defining and implementing successful engagement strategies, promoting, growing and developing the identity and awareness of the mascot, creating an engaging persona, generating and encouraging fan engagement, interaction, impressions, presence and interest in the Astros and our mascot throughout the region.

And most importantly...entertain and excite our fans!

In this full time role, the mascot will report to the Director of Marketing and will continue to be an exciting and integral part of the in game entertainment experience, whether it is at a game, or visiting a local school or a promotional event. The mascot is a highly visible representative of club. In order to attain the most professional, engaging and creative representation of the Astros organization, the mascot must be someone who has unparalleled excitement and enthusiasm for the club, the sport of baseball and our fans.

The individual selected must have the ability to display the appropriate actions in different performance settings. A consistent mascot performance is also crucial in this role. The person who performs must accept the responsibility that they are a representative of the Houston Astros, and in doing so also commits to perform in accordance with the standards and expectations of the organization.

Apprentice Contest

    Duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Performing at Astros home games;
  • Representing the Astros at a wide range of club sponsored events and other events throughout the community;
  • Performing at private parties, parades, festivals, grand openings, etc. on specified days during the week and on weekends throughout the year;
  • Creating skits, dance routines, and other forms of mascot-related entertainment, crowd engagement and fan interactions;
  • Research and identify opportunities to grow the identity and presence of the mascot and the Astros brand;
  • Will be responsible establishing a revenue line within the business by formulating and implementing successful mascot programs using creative marketing ideas and tactics;
  • Will be responsible for the scheduling of events throughout the week and most importantly, on weekends;
  • Responsible for researching, creating and/or purchasing props and costumes for the mascot;
  • Responsible for mascot costume operations including creativity, care, cleaning, maintenance, etc.;
  • Perform and/or provide support to all necessary community and team appearances including but not limited to sponsors, charities, media and private functions;
  • Will work directly with the Ballpark Entertainment, Corporate Partnerships, Ticket Sales and Service, Community Affairs, Media Relations and Marketing departments with any promotions when necessary;
  • Will be responsible for creating goodwill in community;
  • Perform mascot duties in a manner deemed acceptable according to the Houston Astros standards;
  • Participate in video skits as well as in-game skits to entertain the home crowd throughout the season;
  • Attend Astros Watch Parties at establishments;
  • Perform all duties of the mascot as scripted and perform choreographed routines;
  • Meet and greet fans prior to and after the game or event;
  • Participate in pre-game and in-game promotions, including contests, photo ops, t-shirt toss, etc.;
  • Will research, attend and represent the club at various local and regional events.

Skills, Traits, Qualifications and Experience:

1. Entertainment experience in a mascot role is required
2. Due to costume restrictions, candidates must be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall but no more than 6' 2" feet tall
3. Must be well organized and flexible to meet time, priority and workload demands
4. Ability to analyze and interpret common social expressions and clients' needs or wants relating to the mascot
5. Punctuality is mandatory and available to work flexible hours including all home games, nights and weekends;
6. Fan friendly and outgoing individual;
7. Works well with children and other staff members at any events;
8. Must be able to work in a costume and develop the character and persona of the mascot;
9. Must be able to lift approximately 50 lbs.;
10. Must have the ability to troubleshoot situations without delay and act accordingly;
11. Creative, ambitious, energetic personality with the ability to motivate others;
12. Ideal candidate should be in good physical condition, highly energetic, athletic and have some performance background.

Please send:
Candidates are encouraged to email their qualifications, resumes, photographs, videos and anything else you think might help you land this job to:

Houston Astros
501 Crawford Street
Houston, TX 77002

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See Official Rules, which govern, for complete details and alternate method of entry.