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Astros Mascot - Orbit

Looking to bring the excitement of Minute Maid Park to your school? Orbit's just the guy to help out! His slate of educational school shows cover important topics such as literacy, anti-bullying, making healthy decisions, and so much more!

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Each show features audience participation, interactive games and high-energy storytelling to get students excited about making a difference in their lives and in their school!

*Shows are approximately 45 minutes and are geared towards an elementary-aged audience

VIDEO | Orbit supports anti bullying
Houston Astros mascot Orbit surprises an elementary school with his support to anti bullying.

Orbit's Reading Rally
Astros Mascot - Orbit

The Orbit Reading Rally Show is a joint venture between the Houston Astros, Phillips 66 and the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation.

The program educates students on the importance of reading 20 minutes a day and how it affects their daily lives by helping them Get Smarter, Learn New Things, and Prepare for Their Future!

Strikeout Bullying Show

Astros Mascot - Orbit Emphasizes a Bully-Free environment in and out of school.

This fun and interactive show features Orbit and an emcee teaching students about the different types of bullying and encourages students to take a pledge to make bullying STOP by Standing up for one another, Telling an adult, Offering friendship, and Practicing respect.

Science of Baseball STEM Show
Astros Mascot - Orbit

Illustrates the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and how students can find principles of these subjects in everyday activities that they know and enjoy!

Orbit applies STEM principles such as Newton's Laws while playing catch (Science); how smart phones, computers, and radios help keep up with the Houston Astros when they are at an away game (Technology); using items that were engineered to launch t-shirts into the audience (Engineering); determining player statistics and keeping the score of a baseball game (Mathematics).

Orbit's School Celebration Show
Astros Mascot - Orbit

Whether you are celebrating the STAAR test, end of the school year, or just looking to have some fun, this show is great for any occasion during the school year.

The action packed show will focus on celebrating the accomplishments of both students and teachers!

Red Ribbon Rally
Astros Mascot - Orbit

Using easy-to-follow steps to help them remember the show's message of saying "NO" when faced with a decision that could be harmful, "GO" if you find yourself in a harmful situation, "TELL" the situation to a responsible adult, and "YELL" if you aren't able to do any of the above.

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