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Biggio announces retirement
Today is definitely a tough day for me, as I'm making it official -- at the end of the season, I'm retiring from baseball and saying goodbye to this great game that I love. This is definitely an emotional day and it's going to be an emotional last two months of the season. The only thing I can really say to you, the fans, is thank you.   Read blog >
Biggio gets to go out his way
Over the course of baseball history, very few players leave the game on their own terms. Craig Biggio had a different plan. Full story >

Astros second baseman Craig Biggio watches his 3,000th career hit land in the outfield in Houston on June 28, 2007. (David J. Phillip/AP)
Biggio's a player's player
Craig Biggio could have hung around, but playing past this season would be like not hustling. And that's not what he's about. Full story >
Emotional day for family
Craig Biggio was choked up much of Tuesday, but nothing compared to his reaction when he addressed his wife, Patty. Full story >
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A class act
*** Houston Astro All-Time Leaders (through July 23, 2007) ***
1. Biggio2,798
2. Bagwell2,150
3. Cruz1,870
1. Biggio10,699
2. Bagwell7,797
3. Cruz6,629
1. Biggio3,014
2. Bagwell2,314
3. Cruz1,937
Total bases
1. Biggio4,643
2. Bagwell4,213
3. Cruz2,846
1. Biggio661
2. Bagwell488
3. Cedeno343
1. Cruz80
2. Morgan63
3. Metzger62
4. Puhl56
5. Biggio55
Home runs
1. Bagwell449
2. Biggio286
3. Berkman240
1. Biggio1,826
2. Bagwell1,517
3. Cedeno890
1. Bagwell1,529
2. Biggio1,156
3. Cruz942
Stolen bases
1. Cedeno487
2. Biggio413
3. Cruz288
1. Bagwell1,401
2. Biggio1,155
3. Wynn847
1. Berkman.414
2. Bagwell.408
3. Morgan.374
4. Ensberg.367
5. Biggio.365
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