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Thank You Fans

Thank You Fans
Kansas City Royals fans are among the best in baseball!

The passion of our fans was never more evident than this summer when tens of thousands turned out to enthusiastically support the weeklong celebration of events surrounding Major League Baseball's 83rd All-Star Game.

Six years ago, we made a commitment to build this ballclub so that a highly competitive team would take the field each and every night with the ultimate goal of bringing a World Championship to Kansas City. To accomplish this, and sustain long-term success, we've made significant investments to upgrade our scouting, drafting, minor league and player development operations. Several products of this commitment are now on display, as homegrown players such as Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez, 2011 Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner Alex Gordon and 2012 All-Star Billy Butler form the foundation of our club. In addition, the Royals minor league system ranks among the best in baseball and is in a position to keep the pool of new talent flowing for years to come. Our baseball operations staff continues to pursue all avenues to strengthen our roster and complement our core of young talent. Everyone within the Royals organization is excited about the process and what the future holds.

Our commitment to this team, this town and our fans has never been greater. We sincerely appreciate your support.

The Kansas City Royals Baseball Club