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  • DodgerVision

A 22-member DodgerVision crew works in booth and in camera locations on field. DodgerVision Includes the video screen, scoreboard in right field, outfield wall boards in the left and right field fences, Loge and Field level fascia boards.

DodgerVision is a 23mm ProStar manufactured by Daktronics (as are all the screens). It is the largest Standard Definition video screen in Major League Baseball (tied with the Cincinnati Reds). The size is 26' 6" x 46' 6" and is a 16x9 format. DodgerVision consists of 1584 modules that are made up of 1,216,512 green, blue and red LEDs.

  • Control Room

    • control room

    The control room is fully digital and is housed in a glass enclosed booth on the right side of the press box (facing the field) behind bullet proof glass. The control room features much of the same equipment housed in a state-of-the-art production truck covering live games or a television production facility. Among the equipment included are Sony DigiBeta videotape machines, four 16x9 cameras, including one RF wireless camera, Grass Valley Zodiac switcher, Click Effects digital video playback system, Dixon Digital Disc recorders used for replays and highlights packages, Pinnacle FX Deko Character Generator and various engineering and monitoring systems.

  • Outfield Wall Boards

    • wall board

    Outfield Wall Boards are each 23mm ProFence full color matrix screens housed behind impact absorbing plexiglas. Each is 6' x 58' 8" and consists of 245 modules made up of 188,160 green, blue and red LED's that are capable of full color video.

    Right Field Scoreboard is an 89mm Amber LED Matrix screen. The size is 21' x 70'. It consists of 270 modules made up of 622,080 amber LED's. It is capable of scoreboard text, animations and one-color video images. All statistics are processed automatically through a link with Major League Baseball.

  • Ribbon Board

    Ribbon Board is a 23mm full color matrix screen located on the facade of the Loge Level from foul pole to foul pole. The size is 3' x 1,113' 6" and consists of 2,784 modules that are made up of 1,781,760 green, blue and red LED's and are capable of full color video.

    Additional matrix boards are installed at the base of the Field Level. Their sizes are 1' 8" x 42' and 1' 8" x 25' 2".