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Dreamfields Announcement
Dodgers commit to 42 more Dreamfields bringing total to 50.

Watch as Jamie tells young Dodger fans to follow their dreams  |  Watch video highlights from the Dodgers Dreamfields Announcement
These are the fields where children learn - how to excel as individuals, how to collaborate on a team, how to hope, how to persevere, and how to win. For every Dodgers player, there was a family member or friend or teacher or coach who gave him the opportunity to explore his talent, to discover that it was exceptional, and to delight in the discovery of a dream come true. This commitment today is one way to express our thanks to the families who love baseball, and the children who invite baseball into their imaginations. This is how dreams are born."     - Jamie McCourt

Dreamfield Photo 1In celebration of the 50th Anniversary season, the Dodgers have committed to add 42 more Dodgers Dreamfields, a long-term effort that will bring the total to 50. Dodgers owners Jamie and Frank McCourt made the announcement November 25, 2008, at one of the previously completed fields in East L.A., the Evergreen Recreation Center.

Eight Dodgers Dreamfields have been refurbished or built since the program began in 2003.Dreamfield Photo 3 Of the current Dodgers Dreamfields, two were new diamonds and six were renovations. The fields include fencing, sod, and top soil for the infield and warning track, irrigation systems, bases and foul poles, lights, bleachers, scoreboards, and signage.

The sites will be selected in cooperation with the City's Department of Recreation and Parks and officials of other cities and counties.

The public can send nominations to
Dreamfield Photo 4
1. Dodgers President Jamie McCourt meets a young fan. 2. Frank McCourt, Mayor Villaraigosa, and Jamie McCourt participate in the announcement of 42 additional Dodgers Dreamfields, Nov. 25, 2008. 3. Dodgers' Legend Kenny Landreaux signs autographs at a Dodgers Dreamfield. 4. Dodgers' Legend Bobby Castillo and Mayor Villaraigosa with Dodger fans at Evergreen Recreation Center.

The Dreamfields program is one of the signature initiatives of the Dodgers Dream Foundation. The foundation receives funds from the McCourt Family, private philanthropists, Dodger players, and Dodger fans worldwide.
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