Origins Reports

Origins Reports is a scrapbook of scholarly articles, primary documents, and educated speculation about how our great game of baseball came down to us in more or less its present form. The MLB Origins Committee members continue to gather evidence and proceed towards their conclusions about the serial beginnings of the games--in various localities in North America and around the world. Meanwhile, these Origins Reports will provide a sneak peek of where we appear to be headed. It is not too much to say that these documents and essays will form the exhibits that support the Origin Committee's ultimate findings.

Rather than drop a massive document before the public at year end, we thought it wise to "break the story" iteratively, permitting interested fans to participate and comment. While chronology is certainly God's way of telling a story, we believe that it may be more fun to read these reports in random order, as this has been how they have been compiled. We will be adding to these "exhibits" each week from now until year end.

Most Recent Origins Reports

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