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Homes for Haiti

Homes for Haiti
The Marlins and Food for the Poor are proud to announce the dedication of Inspiration Village!

The Inspiration Village Project was born through a partnership that the Marlins started with Food For The Poor to help raise awareness for the devastation in Haiti as well as assist in the rebuilding process. Representatives went down to visit Haiti to see the destitution first-hand. Upon return, the Marlins launched their Homes For Haiti campaign on July 12, 2010 to raise awareness and funds towards constructing a village to benefit those displaced by the earthquake six months earlier.

Much of the population migration has been tracked. It has been found that many of the more than one million that have been displaced, have moved to more rural areas where they may have a base of family. These regions are the areas where Food For the Poor is concentrating their reconstruction efforts in Haiti due to the availability of land as well as the importance of developing more rural communities.

Inspiration Village is located in the northern region of Haiti, 56km from Cap Haitien in Malfety. It is in a bleak rural area located just outside the entrance to Fort-Liberte. Many of the families are poor, uneducated farmers who raise crops and animals to feed their families. From the color of their hair, you can say that most of the children are malnourished. The existing houses are made of clay and mud. The residents are unsafe in their homes because of frequent flooding and windy weather. The community of Malfety, which had already been inhabited by families that migrated from Port au Prince after the earthquake, was hit with another devastating natural disaster when Hurricane Tomas brought heavy rains, mudslides, standing water and contamination to their region, destroying many homes.

Inspiration Village will house and shelter 25 families and provide them with personal sanitation units. Additionally, the community will receive a water well, solar powered water purification unit, and a community center that will provide the opportunity for further education in agricultural practices and animal husbandry, as well as continuing vocational skills training. These services will assist the farmers in achieving maximum results from their efforts in order to support their families and make the community sustainable.

A special thank you to our single largest donor, Waste Management. Their significant donation of $50,000 is funding the construction of 10 homes.

The need for housing in this area exceeds the 25 homes Inspiration Village will provide. If you are interested in assisting Food for the Poor with additional housing projects, please click the donate now button below.


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